News Show at
Silver Sands
Bridle Club

Silver Sands Bridle Club
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
January 31. 2009

Diamond took 2nd and 3rd ribbons in his first Dressage Schooling Show, at the Silver Sands Bridle Club in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, on Jan 31, 2009.  He was entered in Training Level Test I and II, and was ridden by Cara Blanchard, of "Cara Blanchard Training" of Eustis, Florida.  He has been in Dressage training for only 2 months.  Cara Blanchard has garnered National and Regional Championships and Reserve Championships in Sport Horse and Dressage Divisions, and is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist.  We feel lucky to have found such a highly respected and capable trainer. Our ponies love her just as much as we do!  Thank you so much Cara!

**On top of Nessy and Cody taking 6th and 3rd in their first Dressage Schooling show at Intro Levels A and B, and Diamond taking 2nd and 3rd in Training level I and II,  we found out that Diamond won a Reserve Championship that they did not tell us about!  He was Reserve Champion High Point in Training Level Open, at the Silver Sands Bridle Club Dressage Schooling Show..... And that's not all.....
 He was OVERALL Open Reserve High Point of the WHOLE show!!! As in training level + first level + etc., etc.  We are so ecstatic! Thanks again to his beautiful, fantastic, rider/trainer, Cara Blanchard, of Eustis, Florida.  Wow!  This was his first Dressage show. We couldn't have done it without her and the wonderful relationship she has established with both or our ponies, and our son Cody.  Thank you so much Cara, and Cody for all your hard work! 

Diamond was in two classes:
  2007 Training Level Test I-   11 entries
  Judge: Tina Drake
  Ribbon: 2nd place
   Points: 143,
  2007 Training Level Test 2-  8 entries
  Judge: Tina Drake
  Ribbon: 3rd Place
   Points: 157

Our son Cody, and our mare  Helingey Baroness took ribbons in both classes at their first Dressage Schooling show on Jan 31, at Silver Sands Bridle Club, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  They entered in  Jr. Introductory Levels A and B, and took 6th and 3rd out of 11 entries.  Cody and Baroness have been in training at "Cara Blanchard's Training" facility in Eustis, Fl  for two months now, and doing splendidly.  Congratulations Cody and "Nessy". We are so proud of you both!

Nessy was in two classes:
  2007 Introductory Level-Test A-   10 entries
  Judge: Iris Bolt
  Ribbon:  6th Place
  Points: 127
  2007 Introductory Level-Test B-    10 entries
  Judge:  Iris Bolt
  Ribbon: 3rd Place
  Points: 134


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