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Our homestead borders beautiful Sunset Harbor, the southwestern side of Lake Weir in Summerfield, Florida. We are located about 30 minutes south of Ocala, and about 1 and 1/2 hours northwest of Orlando.

I had been searching for a pony for our 11 year old son Cody, when I came upon “The Fell”. Well, needless to say, I “fell” head over heels in love with them immediately. I have always loved draft horses, but didn’t want the size, nor expense of keeping them. It seemed I had found a happy medium. The word ‘Fell’ is from the Norse word meaning, ‘hill’. These ponies have been bred in the hills of The British Isles for many, many years. Fells are known for their versatility and capability in several disciplines, as well as their stamina, kind temperament, and beauty. And, they have large enough bone to carry an average adult as well. Therefore, they are able to be ridden and enjoyed by the whole family!

There are fewer than 6000 Fells worldwide. They are therefore on the rare breeds list. (see “Links” and visit the Fell Pony Museum and the Fell Pony Society for history of the Fell Pony.) We feel proud to be supporting a breed of such history, quality and beauty. Summerfield Stud’s aim is to produce and promote high quality Fell Ponies for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are a few pictures of the view from our house of the Lake Weir, and the paddock in front on the lake. I had to shoot thru the window because I didn’t want to disturb Gina and Nessy sleeping, or the beautiful cattle egrets perched all around them. What a beautiful day that was.

Photos By
Maryanne Spencer

Picture of Maryanne Spencer and Gina, Jan 23, 2009. Congratulations to Gina's new owner, June Carter, of Madison, Alabama. 

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